Help and FAQ+: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • 1. What is ArtyStockPhotos?
    ArtyStockPhotos is a most usable and reliable microstock agency – specifically developed to represent the best stock images & illustrations - all available for download royalty-free at amazingly low prices. So if you're looking for best photos or just trying to sell your best shot, ArtyStockPhotos is your perfect tool. Read more >>
  • 2. What is stock photography?
    Stock photography is the supply of photographs licensed for specific uses. It is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments instead of hiring a photographer. Today, stock images can be presented in searchable online databases. They can be purchased and delivered online. wiki/Stock_photography
  • 3. I forgot my password
    Please click on "Forgot password" as shown below:
  • 4. What is Royalty-Free?
    Royalty-Free Digital Stock images is a concept where user of the images does not have to pay any royalty for repeated use of the images. The buyer does not own the copyright of the images but have purchased the rights to use the images legally without additional fees or interruption from the retailer. These images cannot be sold or transferred but it offers a wide range of benefits; mainly lower pricing and convenience.
  • 5. Is there a charge for registering?
    Registration is free of charge. There are no hidden fees.
  • 6. Why do I need to register?
    Registered users will have access to the many facilities available, such as access to My Account, Add funds to download images, Free Images, upload images and many more.
  • 7. Do I need to register before purchasing single images?
  • 8. Do I need to register if I just want to browse your website?
    No, you need not register to browse our website. However, by registering, it allows us to provide you with regular offers and promotions.
  • 9. How do I register on the website?
    Click on the 'Sign Up' button located at the top right of the page. Type your preferred username and contact information and click on the submit button when you're done. Please click on 'Sign Up' as shown below:
  • 10. How long is the registration process?
    Registration is immediate. You can start using your account immediately after registration. A verification email will also be sent to your registered email instantly upon registration. If you do not receive any verification email after 10 minutes, please check your Spam folder. You need to verify your account to continue to Log into
  • 11. Can I change my password, the one that is automatically issued, into something that I can remember?
    Yes, you can. Firstly, login to your account with your username and old password. Click on the 'My Account' tab and select 'Change Password'. Type in your preferred password on the next page and hit the 'Save Change' button. Your new password will be activated immediately.
  • 12. Can I change my username?
    Please double check your preferred username before you proceed to register. We do not allow changes to be made to your username. To change your username, you need to re-register.
  • 13. How do I change my address, telephone number or other registered details?
    You can edit your account information anytime by clicking ‘Update Profile & Bio’ at the My Account tab in the top navigation area. You will need to login to your account first in order to do so.
  • 14. How do you protect my privacy? Will my personal information be passed on to a third party? respects every user's privacy and we do not disclose, sell, share or divulge your personal information (including your e-mail address) to third parties. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.
  • 15. What Is Editorial Use Images?

    The term ‘editorial’ refers to newsworthy publication/articles of newspapers, magazines and books that captures the concern of people. Editorial for newsworthy publication would also be stories that explain timeliness, urgency, up-to-date, and reports of the events, be it a happy incident or a tragedy that is valid and true.

    Some of the images in our website are labeled as Editorial Use Images. They are not for commercial use. Editorial Use Images are photos of recognizable people and places without model or property releases, e.g photos of celebrities, news events, sports events, cultural events. These images can be used in magazines, newspapers or any other editorial context, in either printed or electronic media. But these images can't be downloaded and used for commercial purpose. 

    Contributors can upload Editorial Use Images, but they must provide the details of the event, details of the people in the photo, the date the photo was taken, and the place where the photo was taken. Model or property releases are not required for Editorial Use Images.

  • 16. What is the difference between Stock Images and Editorial Images?
    Stock photography is a set of ready-to-use images for subscribers who purchased the rights to use them. With digital stock photography, you get to see the final image even before you are granted the rights to use them and these images can be licensed immediately. Editorial images, however, are images shot during a real-life event that can be used as support to a newsworthy publication. Editorial images are strictly NOT allowed for commercial/advertisement purposes.
  • 17. Will be responsible for any representations or warranties related to the Editorial Image? will not be responsible for any representations or warranties related to the Editorial Image (such as name, logo, trademark, copyright, etc) portrayed in any other image.
  • 18. Who owns the copyright of those submitted images?
    The copyright to the images belong to the photographer.
  • 19. Can I use an Editorial Image in an advertisement of my product/service?
    No. Editorial Images are only served to compliment articles that are newsworthy.
  • 20. How can I use Editorial-Use-Only images?

    Editorial-Use-Only files can be used for:

    • Blogs
    • Editorial purposes: newspapers, magazines, editorials, newsletters
    • Non-commercial uses relating to events that are newsworthy or of general interest


  • 1. Do you need my credit card details when I register?
    No, you can pay by your Paypal balance or Pay via PayPal using your Credit Card.
  • 2. What are the payment options for Indian Customers?

    We accept Indian Bank payments. It's easier than any other payment method available for Indian clients. As soon as you place an order, we'll give you our Bank Account details. You have to reach your nearest Bank Outlet (Branch) and deposit the quoted sum in our account. The entire process is described on the payment page (can be seen after placing an order).

    You can pay us using your bank's NetBanking facility also. You've to login to your NetBanking account, add us as beneficiary for Third Party Transfer (service name varies from bank to bank) and pay the quoted sum.

    Apart from Bank payment, you can pay in cash and cheque also. For any specific query on payment options please write to us.

  • 3. Why buy images from

    - we are a reputable stock provider (reliable). 
    - 24-hour customer support, 7 days a week to cater to your needs. 
    - new images added daily from designers all over the world and other great image providers. 
    - images from multiple top designer firms not available at other subscription sites.

  • 4. Do I have to credit the photographer for the image used?
    As our image collections are royalty-free, you do not need to credit the photographers for commercial usage.
    For editorial usage, you may credit: © Photographer's Name / ArtyStockPhotos
  • 5. How do I get a receipt?

    You can easily view or print your receipts in your account. Click on "Detailed" in the "Credit Purchase Receipts" section and a popup window will open with your receipt. Once the receipt window has opened you have the option to print the receipt or save as PDF format to yourself or someone else.
    Here is what your receipts page looks like:

  • 6. Can I close my account?
    Yes, you may close your account at any time. However, please keep in mind that if you close your account you will not be able to access your Purchase History, your Downloaded Images. Please contact us with your request and we will be glad to assist.
  • 7. How can I change my email address?
    Please contact us if you want to change your email address
  • 8. Can I use ArtyStockPhotos images for my e-book?
    You may use our images for your e-book covers, as well as in the book as long as it is supporting the text and is not a primary feature of the book. If you are also making the book available in print format, you may do so under the same license, as long as the artwork does not have to be changed to suit the new format. In other words, if it is the exact same cover for both the e-book and printed book then one license will cover both formats.
  • 9. How do I remove an image from my cart?

    To remove an image from the cart, go to the cart and locate the image thumbnail for the image you want to remove. 
    Click on " delete from cart' as shown below:

  • 10. How big are ArtyStockPhotos images? Can I resize them?

    Depending on the image and how it was created, we offer content in JPG format. Each image detail page will tell you what is available, the dimensions in pixels.

    Sizing is as follows:

    • xSmall - up to 640px on the largest side
    • Small - up to 900px on the largest side
    • Medium - up to 1800px on the largest side
    • Large - up to 2400px on the largest side
    • xLarge - up to 3600px on the largest side
    • xxLarge - up to 4000px on the largest side

    All ArtyStockPhotos images can be resized using common image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop. When in doubt, the largest size will offer you the most flexibility.

    JPG files can be reduced, but lose sharpness when made larger.

  • 11. Do credit package expire?
    Our credit package has a fixed validity period depends on the credit package.
    Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us
  • 12. Can I re-download the same image without getting charged again?
    You can re-download images you've purchased for free! Please refer to your Download History and click "re-download" to start your download. You can re-download images for free for up to 6 months.
  • 13. How much do your images cost?

    Please see the price chart below.

    Size Pixels dpi Type Price
    xSmall 640px on the largest side 72 JPEG $0.50
    Small 900px on the largest side 72 JPEG $2.50
    Medium 1800px on the largest side 300 JPEG $4.50
    Large 2400px on the largest side 300 JPEG $8.50
    xLarge 3600px on the largest side 300 JPEG $12.50
    xxLarge 4000px on the largest side 300 JPEG $15.50*

    *Depends on Contributor.

    If you need help please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help
  • 14. My file is corrupted?
    If for some reason the file you downloaded seems to be damaged or corrupted you can re-download it form ‘Download History’ section. Please try downloading it again, this will often fix your problem. If it still looks damaged please fill in the contact form.

    Vector file requires vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator to edit/open this file. The application must be able to open EPS version 8 files. Older applications may not open the files correctly. Please check the release notes with your application to confirm it is compatible with Illustrator EPS version 8 files.
  • 15. How often do you add new images?
    New and better images are added daily to our collections. All images are reviewed extensively by our creative team to ensure that you get your money's worth.
  • 16. How many images can I download?
    In order to provide our clients with a value-added service, we offer single-image sale via account balance.
  • 17. Can I use these images for my clients?
    Yes, you can. All images are provided with a standard royalty-free license. Please visit our licensing section to learn more about the ‘Image usage agreement’.
  • 18. Can I use a icon as my company's logo?
    Usage of icons as company logo is prohibited.
  • 19. How may I use your images and what are the restrictions?

    Please refer to the following links for more information. The License Summary would be the best guide for you to understand more about permitted usage and restrictions. 

    - Terms and conditions:
    - Image usage agreement:

  • 20. Do I have to pay every time I use the images?
    With the standard royalty-free license, you only need to pay once no matter how many times you use the images.
  • 21. What is comping image?
    "Comping image" are low-resolution images used only for illustrative purposes, such as for client presentations or drafts. They cannot be used for any finished project, whether personal or professional.
  • 22. Can I get exclusivity for the use of the images that I have bought?
    Due to the nature of royalty-free licensing, all images are not available for exclusive use.
  • 23. Are your images available only in screen resolution?
    Our images come in various sizes. Please refer to the individual images for more information
  • 24. How long can I use the image?
    There is no usage limit for royalty-free images. You can use it for as many times and as long as you want.
  • 25. What formats are the images available on the website?
    Our images are available in RGB format. Please refer to the image details for more information.
  • 26. I downloaded a RGB format image. Can I convert that to CMYK?
    You may use most image editing software for RGB to CMYK conversion.
  • 27. Why can't I just buy one image for $0.50 directly?
    Because there's a minimum amount that the payment gateway (the bank) will charge us for every transaction. We can't accept any transaction lower than $5.00 we will be making losses!
  • 28. How many images can I purchase in a day/per transaction?
    There is no limit to the number of images you may purchase in a day or per transaction.
  • 29. I have insufficient funds in my account. Can I combine funds with another existing account?
    No. funds are not transferable.
  • 30. What should I do if I face difficulties in downloading images? For instance, an incomplete download due to connection or technical issues. Do I get a refund on credit that has been deducted?
    For connection error, you may download the same file again without losing your funds. Alternatively, please contact our sales support team and provide them the file number.
  • 31. Can I get a download refunded when the image has problems?
    Yes, you may write in to request a refund, as long as you provide proof of the problem in question within 4 working days from the download date.
  • 32. Will any extra days be added to my plan if I fail to download images during the validity period?
    There shall be no extension of validity period if the client fails to download any images due to their Internet connectivity problems. Since we cannot control the issue related to your Internet service provider, will fully reimburse the "lost days" only if the server is inaccessible worldwide (system down) for more than 8 hours.
  • 33. Can I use the images after my validity period expires?
    Yes, you may. Any image downloaded during your validity period is yours to use indefinitely, as long as you comply with the terms and conditions of usage.
  • 34. Is there an automated notification e-mail that will inform me that my credit package is going to expire?
  • 35. How can I get a refund?

    If you have purchased an credit package and decided to change your mind, a refund to you with the following stipulations: 

    You are entitled to a 70% refund within 7 days of the purchase of your credit package provided that you have not used any amount from your account balance. artystockphotos does not provide a refund on credit plans if you have used the credit amount.
    If you have any questions regarding your payment please contact us

  • 36. Are all your images model and property released? How do I get a copy of it?

    Images with relevant releases are clearly indicated. There will be a charge of $50 for each release information requested.


  • 1. I want to submit images to ArtyStockPhotos. Where do I start?

    The first step is to set up your ArtyStockPhotos account  Once signed up, you need to submit two samples RGB JPG preview of your images for vetting by ArtyStockPhotos inspectors. We then review your work to see if it is suitable for ArtyStockPhotos.
    If your application is approved you will be able to continue submitting your images. You will be emailed once your application sample has been approved or rejected.

    • You must upload 2 more sample files in order to complete your Application.
    • You must upload RGB JPG files of at least 72 dpi, 1200 pixels wide / 1600 pixels tall.
    • The maximum size for image files is 2 MB.
  • 2. Basic rules for uploads

    1. Images must be only JPEG files.
    2. You must own the full copyright to any content you upload. This means YOU MUST BE THE ARTIST/PHOTOGRAPHER that created the content.
    3. All trademarks must be removed. Including brands and entities with copyright or trademarked elements. All signatures must be removed. Copyright is checked with each file.
    4. Files must be labeled and named correctly. Files that are keyword spammed will be removed.
    5. Images with clearly visible people require prior consent from the person before submission.
    6. Your account profile must have your full, real first and last names, email address.

    IMPORTANT: Anyone uploading images or parts of images they did not create will be banned for life; this also applies for users creating accounts with fake names or details.

  • 3. What type of images/illustration should I upload?


    • -Do inspect all images at 100% before uploading them to make sure they are free of noise, dust, and scratches.
    • -Do vary the subject matter of your images.
    • -Do send full-sized images. Don't upsize or downsize images.
    • -Do keyword your images carefully. This is how people find your work. Make sure all keywords relate directly to the image.
    • -Do keyword your images in English only.


    • -Don't send images with date stamps or copyright notices.
    • -Don't send dark or muddy travel pictures.
    • -Don't send images with date stamps or copyright notices.
    • -Don't "frame/border" your work.
    • -Don't send similar shots when only one is your favorite.
  • 4. When are Model Releases required?
    Any image that depicts an identifiable person and shows definable features such as their face, even part of their face, a scar, or tattoo, must have an Adult or Minor model release attached for commercial licensing.
  • 5. Can I set my own price on my images?
    Yes, you can suggest us a price range of your photographs. We will set a best price on your images. Your image must be larger than 4000 pixels at 300 dpi on the largest side.
  • 6. What subjects are copyright?

    Images of the below subjects are prohibited from being submitted as content.

    Logos & Trademarks: Logos, trademarks, company names, product names, product branding or trademarked and patented designs

    Product Designs: Most modern toys, many brand name watches, brand name computers and gaming consoles, mp3 players such as Apple’s Ipod™ etc, and other illustrations distinctly resembling known Licensed products.

    Transport: Some brands of transport and some major motor company vehicles designs or copyrighted.

    Artwork: Paintings, sculptures, any object in a museum, any object in an art gallery, including public sculpture, some architecture, cartoon characters.

    Documents: Modern maps, documents where names are mentioned, computer screens (interfaces and icons you did not create originally are copyrighted).

    Copied Illustrations: Traced illustrations based on photography you are not the author of, fashion editorials or images that you do not own the original copyright for.

    Government & Military Property: Agency insignia, military decorations, Presidential seals, some currency.

    Trademarked Buildings, Monuments & Landmarks: The intellectual property laws of this category can sometimes be confusing. It is best to research the structure before uploading it. For instance, illustrations of the Eiffel Tower are legal for resale.

  • 7. When will I get paid?
    Once approved as an contributor, your My Account section has a real-time graph displaying download volume and earnings, once earnings reach $100USD you can request a payout. Payments are made to either your PayPal or Bank account.
  • 9. How much will I earn as an ArtyStockPhotos contributor?
    Up to 60% of the US dollar price goes to you from each image downloaded.

    Please see our commission structure below.

    Contributor level Portfolio size
    (Number of approved images)
    Level 1 1-1000 30%
    Level 2 1001-2000 33%
    Level 3 2001-3000 36%
    Level 4 3001-4000 39%
    Level 5 4001-5000 42%
    Level 6 5001-6000 45%
    Level 7 6001-7000 48%
    Level 8 7001-8000 51%
    Level 9 8001-9000 54%
    Level 10 9001-10000 57%
    Top 10001+ 60%
  • 10. What happens if I close my account?

    This removal is permanent.
    You will not be able to collect any outstanding earnings, even if you have reached the minimum, and will not accumulate future referral earnings.
    Previously approved content will need to be uploaded and reviewed again if you decide to return to ArtyStockPhotos at a later time.

  • 11. How do I close my account?

    Please Contact Us with your request. As a contributor, please note that in accordance with our upload agreement, you cannot close your account unless your images have been online for at least 7 days.  If you close your account, we will remove your images from ArtyStockPhotos within 24 to 72 hours.

    When you send your request, please include your Full Name, Profile Name, and Email address that is associated with your ArtyStockPhotos account. As a way to keep in touch with our contributor's needs, we would also like to understand the reason you will no longer be a contributor to the ArtyStockPhotos collection - so we welcome your feedback.

    If you close an account with less than $100 in commission earnings, you will forfeit your earnings. Please see our Terms of Service and  Contributor agreement for details.

  • 12. How do I remove images?

    We are here to accommodate your requests to remove images from our collection. Please contact us with your request that includes the ArtyStockPhotos image ID numbers (separated by commas if there is more than one image).  Also, let us know why you wish to remove the image(s) in case there is another way we can help you. To prevent abuse of our approval process, we will not remove an image that was approved less than 7 days previous to your request.

    Please note: We cannot prevent anyone who has already downloaded your image from using it.

  • 13. Will ArtyStockPhotos own the copyright to my images?
    No. You never lose the copyrights to the images you upload to ArtyStockPhotos. Please see our Terms of Service and Contributor agreement for details.
  • 14. I have images on the other stock sites, can I upload them to your site too?
    Images are submitted on a royalty-free basis (not exclusive). You may submit & continue to sell your images to other websites & stock images agencies.
  • 15. How many images can I submit?
    There's no limit to the amount of images that you can submit.
  • 16. What is a release?

    When uploading images or photographs that depict recognizable human beings or identifiable buildings you must acquire a signed release form.
    A model release is a legal release signed by the subject of a photograph or video granting permission to use or publish the photograph or video in one form or another. You can read a full description of what a model release is at Wikipedia.

    A property release is a legal release signed by the owner of property used in a photograph or video granting permission to use or publish the photograph or video in one form or another.
    Property releases are required for any recognizable and uniquely identifiable property (including your own) on your photos that you are selling for commercial use.

  • 17. Why you need releases

    A release is a written agreement between you and the person you are photographing, or the person who owns the property you are photographing. The purpose of the release is to protect you from any future lawsuits the person might file for claims such as defamation and invasion of privacy.

  • 19. How do I submit a completed model/property release form together with my image?

    To upload a release(s), create a single JPG/PDF file containing the documents for all persons within your image. Upload it to the release folder in your account and attach all related images which you have submitted to the release.

  • 20. How do I get a release for a deceased model?

    The next of kin or a close relative must sign the release on their behalf if an image is to be used commercially.

  • 21. The image I submit has myself in it. Do I need a model release?

    Yes, all models are required to sign a proper release if the images are to be sold for commercial purposes.