Contributor Guidelines

So you want to submit your images to ArtyStockPhotos? Great! It's easy to do.

To sell your images on ArtyStockPhotos you must prepare them according to our submission guidelines below.

For your “test” submission, please send TWO images. Once your “test” submission approved you can send as many as you like.
You can track and manage your images in My Account.

Images that ArtyStockPhotos does need:

  1. Images at least 2400 pixels or larger (in any dimension). With a minimum of 300 DPI.
  2. Images from at least a 6 megapixel DSLR or more
  3. Images must not be upsized. Please keep your image files under 15 megabytes.
  4. Images must be correctly exposed and in focus
  5. We accept .jpgs only. JPEG’s saved at a high quality setting (i.e. Photoshop level 10 or above). Always try to submit the highest resolution file you have available.
  6. RGB files, not single channel greyscale or CMYK.
  7. No watermarks or borders (including any text or date embedded in the image). Avoid placing excessive frames, vignetting, etc. around your images.
  8. No noisy, dusty or scratched images
  9. Same shot from multiple angles is NOT OK.
  10. Prepare your photos: adjust levels, curves, color balance, and other essential settings to produce the best looking images. Rotate photos in needed and cut off all unnecessary parts.
  11. All images must have an alphanumeric filename ending in .jpg
  12. Any image of an identifiable person must be accompanied by a model release. A model release form is available on our site or you may use another form that you may already have (however under no circumstances may it be more restrictive than ours. Release forms must be uploaded in .jgp or .pdf format on when submitting the image for review. For submissions containing nude content of artistic value, the model must look at least 25 years of age and the submission must be accompanied by a photo ID of the model. The decision to accept or reject an image containing nudity will be made according to the sole discretion of ArtyStockPhotos. Never submit any explicit material. Submissions must not extreme violence, x-rated content, or any illegal content according to INDIAN law.

Common Rejection Reasons

  1. Photos with less than 2400 pixels in any dimension.
  2. Images are have excessive noise, dust or scratches
  3. Pornographic or offensive photos.
  4. Out of focus or improperly exposed
  5. Improper keywording
  6. Offensive content
  7. Borders or watermarks
  8. No model release. Photos containing nudity without an accompanied properly completed and signed model release form. Any photo containing nudity cannot be submitted as editorial content.
  9. Photos of uniquely identifiable people or private property without properly signed releases.
  10. Photos with your own embedded copyright notice, watermark, or a timestamp.
  11. Series of several identical photos.
  12. Photos that have no artistic, aesthetic, stock or editorial value to photo buyers. Family photos, vacation snapshots, casual posed portraits, casual photos of pets.

Title/ Keyword/ Description Guidelines

  1. All images must have an alphanumeric title. Avoid Special Characters in title.
  2. Make sure your titles describe all of the important elements in the image using common language.
  3. Each image must have a minimum of 5 keywords. Keywords must be accurate; keyword spamming will result in the file being removed.